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    Syscal Kid Resistivity Meter for Ground Water Surveys, Archaeology, and Schlumberger Soundings

    1. Resistivity Meter Specifications

    An entry level resistivity meter suited to shallow applications such as archaeology, ground water, and environmental studies.

    If you were looking for more powerful resistivity instruments please go to, or for the top of the line, multi channel type resistivity meters please go to

    The Syscal Kid resistivity meter is designed as a light weight system suited to shallow resistivity surveys. It features a maximum 200V transmitting pulse(400V peak to peak), at 0.5A maximum, and total power of 25Watts. It is a microprocessor based instrument that allows the user to select the type of array being run(Dipole Dipole, Schlumberger, Wenner, etc.), and to input spacing parameters such that calculation of apparent resistivity may be displayed in the field and stored in the instrument.

    Syscal Kid Resistivity MeterThe Syscal Kid uses automatic injection raging so that the operator does not need to select the optimum voltage. Correction for Self Potential is automatic and the SP value is also stored. The operator may set the minimum and maximum number of stacks, and a quality factor, such that once a certain standard deviation is reached the instrument will stop stacking.

    For those interested in a system with automated electrode sampling the Syscal Kid offers a 24 electrode configuration called the Syscal Kid Switch 24. The systems comes with two cables of 12 nodes each. The cables are double ended, and are plugged into the back of the meter into one of two connectors labeled for nodes 1-12, and for nodes 13-24.

    Click here to see a selection of Syscal Kid Resistivity Meters!

    Syscal Kid standard spacing between electrode positionsThe standard spacing between electrode positions for the Syscal Kid S24 is 3m. Other optional spacings may be ordered, such as 1m, 2m, etc., out to 5m maximum.

    Syscal KidA profile is collected by setting up the instrument with all 24 electrodes and collecting the array desired. The profile line is extended by then moving the instrument to the end of the first line(nodes 13-24), and the first cable section(nodes 1-12) is rolled forward in front of this. This is much the same method as used for seismic data collection. Since the cables are double ended there is no need to move the second cable section. The instrument is preprogrammed to automatically change the array for a roll along so that only the new electrode positions are sampled in the next measurement sequence.

    sampled in the next measurement sequence

    Resistivity Meter Specifications


    • Automatic injection ranging, microprocessor controlled.
    • Current 0.5A Maximum
    • Voltage 200V(400V peak to peak)
    • Power 25W
    • Pulse Duration 0.50, 1.0, 2.0, 4.0, and 8.0 seconds
    • Current Precision 1.0% typical


    • Input Impedance 22M?.
    • Input Voltage -5 to +5V.
    • Input Voltage protection 1,000V.
    • Notch Filters 50 and 60 Hz.
    • Voltage Measurement 1.0% typical, 1?V resolution.
    • Automatic stacking and averaging.
    • Automatic SP correction includes linear drift correction on every third stack with real time digital filtering.
    • Induced polarization total chargeability.
    • Simultaneous measurement of voltage and current.


    • Memory for 1,800 readings.
    • Serial RS232 data transfer port.
    • Operating temperature -10?C to +70?C.
    • Weight 3Kg.
    • Size 22 x 18 x 12cm.
    • Power supply internal 12V 7.2Ahr battery, or external 12V.

    Standard System - Syscal Kid with battery charger, external 12V power cable, data transfer cable and ProSys software for data transfer, data filtering, and output to third party modeling software.

    Switching System - Syscal Kid Switch 24 console with 24 internal switches, battery charger, 12V external 12V power cable, 2 cables with 12 take outs at user defined spacing from 1-5m, 24 electrodes with connecting clips, data transfer cable, and ProSys software for data transfer, data filtering, and output to third party formats for modeling software.

    Wenner Cable Set - 2 reels of 50m wire, 2 reels of 150m wire, plus 4 electrodes with connecting clips.

    For interpretation software go to Res2DInv Software.


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